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Why is it so hard to go to the gym every day?

Because your focus is on difficulty rather than outcome.

When I started training, in addition to thousands of excuses, I used to mentally make a list of the various efforts I had to make to go and workout. Why? LAZINESS and excuses. 

When we enter into the thoughts of difficulty, we only attract more and more difficulties. 

So how can you change this? 

1. Make an appointment with you.

2. Choose your gym clothes before you start your day.

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3. Think about your goal, write on a piece of paper the reasons why you want to achieve that goal. (Ps: Do not judge yourself!)

4. SAY NO when the laziness arrives saying "don't worry you can go to the gym tomorrow, you've tried, you have to do the dishes ect."

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( Women's Yoga Crop Top and Leggings Set - Blue styled by @rebecabernardes on Instagram)

5. Get a playlist and listen exciting songs while changing clothes. 

6.PHONE in airplane mode. Workout time is total focus!

7. Take monthly photos so you see your progress and get excited about your process!

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         8. DO NOT GIVE UP. Every day read your goals with the reasons why you want it!


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