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What is yoga to you? 

So many people are debating and arguing about what yoga is. It's a topic which creates friction and argument around a practice which is meant to encourage openness and kindness in people. Non-judgement, acceptance and above all care for yourself and others.

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I see problems demonized for practicing "advanced/gymnastic" postures and yet those that cause have no idea what lies beneath that superficial asana in front of them. My practice is more than just asana. It's more than just the physical that I portray. It is my breath and meditation which keeps me sane and saved me in moments of crisis and breakdown. It's the connection with others as I share and create work under the umbrella of this amazing practice yoga. It is the physical movement that grounds and helps me become at one with my body, as well as strengthening my body and enabling me to move better each day. 

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This practice is so much more than a pose. It's a lifestyle, a choice, and it's something which stems far past the boundaries of my mat.

So please don't demonize or judge someone whose practice may appear different from yours - what you see is only a small part of it and it may be more similar than you think.

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