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You may use the wall but do you use your legs? Wall splits is a good way to improve on your splits flexibility but what it doesn't encourage is an active use of your hamstring and glutes to extend the leg into your active standing splits.

I used to just use gravity and my upper body to push me down into my splits work but by changing my perspective and beginning to engage the legs I noticed such a difference in my active split. 

So try adding this variation of wall assisted splits to encourage the back leg to reach and pull back rather than be pushed down.

yoga standing splits tips

Tips No.1:

Standing split pressing against the wall ( try all these variations depending on flexibility - those less mobile take your supporting leg further away, those very flexible try to lift the supporting leg off the floor building more activation and compression in the pose.)

Tips No.2:

Active wall assisted splits: entering through a forward fold facing the wall, press you back fully into the wall and begin to hinge forward ( using your hands to support if needed.) and lift your back leg towards the wall. Actively draw it up using your hamstrings and butt!

3 Tips to Improve Your Standing Splits

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Tips No.3:

Quad lunge! Quads are a main source of why people struggle in splits! Make sure to stretch them out using this wall assisted stretch - keep those ribs drawing in and down to your hips to avoid compensation in the lower back!

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